Minneapolis ARTCC

The Midwest's Air Route Traffic Control Center

KSTP St. Paul Downtown Airport / Holman Field
Saint Paul, MN
Current Weather Information

KSTP 112253Z 13007KT 5SM HZ CLR M03/M07 A2993 RMK AO2 SLP145 T10331067

Radar Facility:
Airport Diagram:
COULT SEVEN Departure to the southeast via COULT and DLL.
DARWIN SEVEN Departure to the west via DWN and ABR.
KBREW ONE Departure to the northwest via KBREW and FAR.
ORSKY ONE Departure to the south via ORSKY, FOD and OVR.
ROCHESTER ONE Departure to the south via RST and ALO.
SCHEP NINE Departures to the southwest via SCHEP, ONL, and OBH.
WLSTN SEVEN Departure to the east via WLSTN and GRB.
ZMBRO SEVEN Departure to the southeast via ZMBRO and ODI.
AGUDE FIVE Arrival from the east via BAE, THATS, and EAU.
ENCEE TWO (RNAV) Arrival from the southwest via FSD.
GOPHER ONE Arrival from the northwest via FAR, AXN, BRD, GOLLF, and OLLEE.
TWOLF THREE Arrival from the south via FOD and TWOLF.
Online Controllers Split
No controllers online.
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Weather Conditions
KMSP VFR29.91110/06
KRST VFR29.88110/07
KOMA VFR29.87210/03
KDLH LIFR29.91120/09
KGFK VFR29.83180/08
KFAR VFR29.85170/03
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No scheduled ATC today.
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