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Denver's 162nd Birthday
1800-2200 CST / 0000-0400z

Come join us in helping celebrate Denver's 162nd birthday! Originating as a gold mining town, it formed into a city of many stories. At its high altitude, it can provide some challenges to smaller GA planes. Will it affect you? Depart any of the three fully staffed airports in the Denver area in order to get a sweet fly by to see the city lighten up on its birthday. Will you be able to navigate yourself, or will you pick up flight following in order to help you along the way? Featuring: KAPA, KBJC, KCFO [November 21 2359Z-0400z]

Controller Assignments

0 positions available
MSP_11_CTR Andrew Doubleday
0 positions available
MSP_H_APP Derek Hood
Local Control
1 position available
MSP_S_TWR Alexander Zayas

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