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Northern "Isolation" XV

With summer in full swing, the snowbirds are returning home to the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota. Around this time, VATSIM controllers from across the country would normally convene in Minneapolis for a weekend of Twin Cities VATSIM controlling for... Read More

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Minneapolis ARTCC

The Midwest's Air Route Traffic Control Center

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AUTO D - 30L 30R VFR
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Operation: Deep Freeze 2020
1800-2300 CST / 0000-0500z

Throw on your warmest socks, crank up the heat, and don't forget to pack your shovel! Come join us as we staff Minneapolis to the gills on January 18th. From 6:00 PM CST until we can't take it anymore, enjoy full staffing and realistic winter operations at KMSP. Bring in IFR or VFR traffic - makes no difference to us! If bad weather is in the forecast, expect delays for deicing, snow removal, and missed approaches - hope you brought enough fuel!

Controller Assignments

0 positions available
MSP_05_CTR Lance Harry
MSP_07_CTR Chris Bright
MSP_11_CTR Andrew Doubleday
MSP_13_CTR James Hiscoe
MSP_17_CTR Ryan Geckler
MSP_T_CTR Live Position
0 positions available
MSP_AO_APP Live Position
MSP_E_APP Live Position
MSP_H_APP Live Position
MSP_I_APP Live Position
MSP_N_APP Live Position
MSP_R_DEP Live Position
MSP_S_APP Live Position
Local Control
0 positions available
MSP_CC_TWR Live Position
MSP_DEL Live Position
MSP_N_TWR Live Position
MSP_S_GND Live Position
MSP_S_TWR Live Position

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