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Bring Your Own Bizjet
Thursday, May 3rd | 11:00PM to 1:00AM CDT

ZMP Presents our 12th Annual BYOB (Bring Your Own Bizjet) featuring Omaha-Eppley Airfield (OMA)!

Each year, Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting is hosted in Omaha in which hundreds of the world's wealthiest will attend! Time to bust out your Business Jets and head to Omaha in style...

Controller Assignments
MSP_11_CTR 11 Center - Alexandria (HI) (Primary) TENTATIVE Daniel Everman - DE
MSP_17_CTR 17 Center - Mason City (HI) TENTATIVE Andrew Doubleday - AJ
MSP_26_CTR 26 Center - Hastings (LO) TENTATIVE Dhruv Kalra - DX
OMA_DEL OMA - Omaha Clearance Delivery Unassigned
OMA_GND OMA - Omaha Ground TENTATIVE Lance Harry - LH
OMA_TWR OMA - Omaha Tower TENTATIVE Ian Kenney-Lillejord - IK
OMA_W_APP R90 - Omaha West Approach (Primary) TENTATIVE Christopher Bruner - CB
OMA_E_APP R90 - Omaha East Approach Unassigned
OMA_F_APP R90 - Omaha Final Approach TENTATIVE James Hiscoe - JH
Online Controllers Split
No controllers online.
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Weather Conditions
KMSP VFR30.19360/12G23
KRST VFR30.14350/17G22
KOMA VFR30.18310/10
KDLH VFR30.18330/14G20
KGFK VFR30.33030/06
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