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June 18th, 2024
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(1/11) DAL3160 KMSP KDFW Arrived

Joining Minneapolis ARTCC

Prospective Controllers

Looking for that sign-up page? We don't have one, and here's why: Minneapolis ARTCC is affiliated with the VATSIM United States Division, commonly known as VATUSA, and our membership is handled through the VATUSA Academy. In order to join as a home controller with ZMP, you must:
  1. Change your region to North America and your division to United States, which can be done through the myVATSIM portal,
  2. Complete all basic S1 training through the VATUSA Academy, and
  3. Request assignment to the Minneapolis ARTCC.
After your request is approved, you will be given an ATC account and can begin training.
Visiting Controllers

If you are a member of another ARTCC or facility and wish to join Minneapolis ARTCC on a visiting basis, please send an e-mail to the ATM (atm@minniecenter.org) or the DATM (datm@minniecenter.org) with your request.

Membership (aside from VATSIM membership) is not required to fly within ZMP as a pilot. You can login to the Minneapolis ARTCC website using your VATSIM credentials to be notified of new events, news, and other information.

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