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Northern Migration XVII

ZMP's Premier Summer Real Ops Event

July 22-24, 2022

MSP Minneapolis, Minnesota

With summer in full swing, the snowbirds are returning home to the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota. Around this time, VATSIM controllers from across the country convene in Minneapolis for a weekend of Twin Cities VATSIM controlling for the second of two real-ops events hosted by Minneapolis ARTCC. Now in its fourteenth season, Northern Migration XIV provides comprehensive coverage of the ARTCC, from Nebraska to Michigan and everything in-between, for an event featuring Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (KMSP).

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Callsign Depart Arrive Terminal Departure Time Arrival Time Equipment
DAL290 MKJS KMSP 1 C/D/F/G 2:10PM EST | 1910 UTC 6:09PM CST | 0009 UTC B738
DAL394 MDPC KMSP 1 C/D/F/G 3:11PM AST | 1911 UTC 7:00PM CST | 0100 UTC B739
SCX746 MDPC KMSP 2 H1-H9 3:20PM AST | 1920 UTC 7:06PM CST | 0106 UTC B738
DAL1590 MMPR KMSP 1 C/D/F/G 1:44PM CST | 1944 UTC 6:01PM CST | 0001 UTC A320
DAL699 MRLB KMSP 1 C/D/F/G 1:55PM CST | 1955 UTC 7:30PM CST | 0130 UTC B739
DAL1753 MYNN KMSP 1 C/D/F/G 3:02PM EST | 2002 UTC 6:24PM CST | 0024 UTC A321
SCX784 TJSJ KMSP 2 H1-H9 4:05PM AST | 2005 UTC 8:05PM CST | 0205 UTC B738
DAL516 MMUN KMSP 1 C/D/F/G 3:11PM EST | 2011 UTC 6:30PM CST | 0030 UTC B739
SCX726 MKJS KMSP 2 H1-H9 3:15PM EST | 2015 UTC 7:12PM CST | 0112 UTC B738
DAL452 MMMX KMSP 1 C/D/F/G 2:15PM CST | 2015 UTC 6:32PM CST | 0032 UTC A319

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