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January 29th, 2023
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(1/3) SCX104 KLAS KMSP Enroute



A: 30L 30R
D: 30L 30R

Controller Activity

Per the ZMP Activity Policy in ARTCCAM 7210.F, controllers must log at least three hours or two training sessions per quarter to remain active, or have a valid exemption to activity tracking. A indicates which activity requirement has been met and is being used to determine active status. A member without activity requirements met is subject to removal at the end of the quarter.
Name Jan 2023 Feb 2023 Mar 2023 Quarter Total Sessions Exemption
OA Ali, Omar OBS 0
RJ Bailey, Richard 'RJ' C1 CPC EXEMPT
MB Boeschen, Mark S2 7:26 7:26 3
JG Bogart, Jacob OBS 4
TB Boger, Timothy C3 CPC EXEMPT
BT Booker, Torrell C1 3:49 3:49 CPC
JB Breid, Joshua S2 4:16 4:16 2
ZO Bright, Chris I3 CPC STAFF
KB Bryant, Kyle S2 0
TC Cantrell, Tayler OBS N/A 0 NEW
AJ Claus, Austin C1 CPC
IC Cunningham, Ian S3 0
DE Everman, Daniel I1 CPC STAFF
BW Farmer, Brendan C1 11:52 11:52 CPC STAFF
SF Fitts, Shawn C3 0
VF Frame, Vincent S2 0
DF Freisen, Dex S2 4:31 4:31 0 STAFF
AF Friedman, Alec S2 0
GK Geckler, Ryan C3 CPC EXEMPT
ZW Gustafson, Cody S1 0
BH Haraway, Brice OBS 2
LH Harry, Lance I1 10:34 10:34 CPC STAFF
PH Hood, Derek C1 3:19 3:19 CPC EXEMPT
HT Hoyt, Elijah S2 0
DI Iden, Daniel S2 0
Ingrey, Geoffrey OBS 0
JJ Jablonski, Jason OBS 0
IK Kenney-Lillejord, Ian I1 2:37 2:37 CPC STAFF
AL Latham, Alex S1 0
PM Macken, Patrick OBS N/A 0 NEW
JM Menzel, Josh S1 1
CX Miller, Craighton C1 0
RM Moroso, Ryan S1 3:29 3:29 0
DM Moussaron, Daniel OBS 0
MN Muenster, John C1 CPC EXEMPT
TN Neabling, Timothy OBS 1
EM Negrete, Cameron C1 CPC EXEMPT
GN Nelson, Griffin OBS 1
TO Ondrey, Tommy S1 0
TP Patten, Tyler C1 4:02 4:02 CPC
RE Petrich, Roman S1 10:42 10:42 0
KP Pierson, Kristofer I1 30:19 30:19 CPC STAFF
BP Polley, William C1 18:23 18:23 CPC EXEMPT
DR Rilschi, Daniel S1 0
LS Schmidt, Logan S2 9:23 9:23 2
AS Schmitt, Aidan OBS 1
MS Skare, Matthew OBS 0
Soares, Derek S1 0
KS Solberg, Kyle OBS 1
SP Spencer, Matthew C1 CPC EXEMPT
YB Tice, Bradley C1 CPC EXEMPT
JT Treloar, Jackson S2 0 STAFF
TU Unruh, Tobey OBS 0
VC Vaccaro, Joseph S1 0
SQ VanHoven, Shane C3 1:39 1:39 CPC EXEMPT
KW Weber, Kyle C3 1:41 1:41 CPC EXEMPT
Wiemiller, Jefferson OBS 0
AA Wong, Maius C3 2:33 2:33 CPC STAFF
ZS Zayas, Alexander C3 2:47 2:47 CPC

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