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Tracon Tuesdays

ZMP presents Tracon Tuesdays! Join us as we kick off our summer series where we feature our smaller facilities. This week featuring Appleton tower and Green Bay Tower/Tracon. IFR/VFR, Biz Jets, Turboprops, or basic bug smashers are all welcome. The G... Read More

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The Midwest's Air Route Traffic Control Center

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Minneapolis-St. Paul Weather
AUTO D - 12L 12R 17 VFR
A - 12L 12R
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Controller Activity

Per the ZMP Activity Policy in ARTCCAM 7210.F, controllers must log at least three hours or two training sessions per quarter to remain active, or have a valid exemption to activity tracking. A indicates which activity requirement has been met and is being used to determine active status. A member without any activity requirements met is subject to removal at the end of the quarter.
Name Sep 2021 Aug 2021 Jul 2021 Quarter Total Sessions Exemption
Alotaibi, Malek S3 0
Bailey, Richard 'RJ' C1 CPC EXEMPT
Barber, Tim ADM 0
Bartels, Matthew ADM CPC STAFF
Boeschen, Mark OBS 0
Boger, Timothy C3 CPC EXEMPT
Booker, Torrell C1 CPC
Breid, Joshua S1 0
Bright, Chris I3 CPC STAFF
Bruner, Chris C3 CPC
Bryant, Kyle OBS 0
Cao, Gene C1 0 EXEMPT
Cassavant, Alexander OBS 0
Claus, Austin C1 1:17 1:17 0
Danziger, Nolan C1 0
Desfosse, Don ADM CPC EXEMPT
Dunning, Kolby I1 0
Duong, Andy C1 CPC
Everman, Daniel C1 CPC
Faison, Stephen C3 CPC EXEMPT
Farmer, Brendan S3 0 STAFF
Garner, Benjamin S1 0
Gaupin, Luc C1 0
Geckler, Ryan C3 CPC STAFF
Gustafson, Cody S1 0 LOA
Harry, Lance I1 7:44 7:44 CPC STAFF
Hawes, Ethan ADM 0
Hirzel, Allen S2 0
Hoege, Kyle C1 0 EXEMPT
Hood, Derek C1 3:04 3:04 CPC EXEMPT
Hoyt, Elijah S2 0
Iden, Daniel S2 0
James, Chris C3 CPC EXEMPT
Jones, Chase C1 0
Kalra, Dhruv SUP 1:33 1:33 CPC STAFF
Kenney-Lillejord, Ian C1 CPC STAFF
Lanari, Chris S1 2:12 2:12 0
Lovell, Dalton OBS 0
Manigault, Manuel C1 0 EXEMPT
Matos, Grant S3 0
Meredith, Leonard OBS 0
Miller, Craighton C1 0
Mogavero, Antonio OBS 0
Moroso, Ryan S1 3:00 3:00 2
Muenster, John C1 7:05 7:05 CPC EXEMPT
Patten, Tyler C1 CPC STAFF
Perry, Kyle C1 10:36 10:36 CPC
Pitt, Ryan C1 0 EXEMPT
Polley, William C1 20:24 20:24 CPC EXEMPT
Power, Nathan I1 0
Raabe, Chris C1 0
Rangeloff, Dylan OBS 0
Rilschi, Daniel OBS 0
Rojas, Jorge C1 CPC
Ross, Jacob OBS 0
Ruby, Logan S1 0
Rump, Richard I3 0 EXEMPT
Sabot, Jordan S3 0
Salzwedel, Jack OBS 0
Schmidt, Logan S1 0
Sella, Jayson OBS 0
Spencer, Matthew C1 CPC EXEMPT
Tarara, Chad S1 0
Tice, Bradley SUP CPC STAFF
Treloar, Jackson S1 2:20 2:20 3
Vaccaro, Joseph OBS 0
VanHoven, Shane C3 CPC STAFF
VanWie, Jacob OBS 0
Weber, Kyle C3 4:22 4:22 CPC EXEMPT
Wilkins, Austin SUP 0
Wong, Maius C3 4:30 4:30 CPC STAFF
Zayas, Alexander C3 4:02 4:02 CPC
Zheng, Jonathan OBS 0
Zimmerman, Chase I1 CPC
Zurita, Andrew OBS 0

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