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September 25th, 2023
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(1/4) DAL139 LFPG KMSP Enroute
GO P ACK GO!!! Minneapolis ARTCC MSP July 29 , 20 23 | 2300 - 0300Z Liv e f rom Minneapolis, Minneso ta July 29 , 20 23 | 2300 - 0300Z Liv e f rom Minneapolis, Minneso ta

ZMP's 18th Annual Northern Migration. VATSIM controllers from across the country convene in the Twin Cities for a weekend of live VATSIM controlling.

Covering all of Minnesota, and most of Wisconsin, the Dakotas, parts of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Michigan, Minneapolis Center is geographically the largest ARTCC in the USA. Our major focus airport for this event is Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (MSP), but we we also provide top-down coverage and some local TRACON coverage for destinations such as OMA, DSM, GRB, DLH, FAR, GFK, MOT, BIS, GRB, as well as several VFR towers.

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