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Cross the Pond Eastbound 2020

KORD is a departure field for CTP 2020 Eastbound. ZMP enroute coverage will be needed, as well as M98 to possibly capture any MSP-ORD traffic that takes advantage of CTP ATC staffing. Read More

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Minneapolis ARTCC

The Midwest's Air Route Traffic Control Center

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GA Tuesdays: Bismark Municipal
1800-2100 CDT / 2300-0200z

Yep, it's back! In this edition of GA Tuesdays, the feature field is KBIS. Bismark is the capital of North Dakota and is the second largest city in North Dakota behind Fargo. Bismark Municipal airport is located about 3 miles southeast of the city. Bismark services connection flights to MSP, as well as some flights to DFW and LAS. So come on, get those regional jets, props, gliders, you name it into Bismark Municipal for an evening of fun!

Controller Assignments

1 position available
MSP_11_CTR Lance Harry
MSP_23_CTR Dhruv Kalra
0 positions available
BIS_APP Ian Kenney-Lillejord
Local Control
0 positions available
BIS_GND Vince Winstead
BIS_TWR Timothy Boger

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