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November 28th, 2023
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(1/6) AFR121 LFML KMSP Enroute


Operation Deep Freeze LIVE

1700 - 2300 CST

It's science... the coldest part of winter in Minneapolis is from mid-January to mid-February. But also a busy time for travelers headed to and from MSP -- those escaping the cold, as well as those embracing it!

Minneapolis Center's LIVE winter event is a highlight for our in-person staffers to our online extended facility as well as for pilots across the network. Enjoy full staffing and realistic winter operations at KMSP. If inclement winter weather is in the forecast, expect delays for deicing, snow removal, and missed approaches - hope you brought enough fuel!

As always in anticipation of a large event, we ask that pilots ensure that they have up-to-date scenery for KMSP, including runway 17/35. ZMP heartily recommends FlightBeam Studios’ excellent KMSP-HD scenery for FSX and P3D, and freeware options for FSX/FS2004 and X-Plane are also available from your add-on library of choice.

We’ll keep the fire warm and look forward to seeing everyone at MSP!

Position Assignments

0 position(s) available
MSP_11_CTR Maius Wong
MSP_12_CTR Lance Harry
MSP_18_CTR Daniel Everman
MSP_19_CTR Ryan Geckler
0 position(s) available
MSP_H_APP Live Position
MSP_N_APP Live Position
MSP_R_DEP Live Position
MSP_S_APP Live Position
Local Control
0 position(s) available
MSP_DEL Kyle Bryant
MSP_M_GND Jackson Treloar
MSP_N_GND Live Position
MSP_N_TWR Live Position
MSP_S_GND Live Position
MSP_S_TWR Live Position

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