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June 18th, 2024
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(1/8) DAL3160 KMSP KDFW Enroute


Navy Pier Night Out FNO (ZAU Support)

1800 - 2200 CDT

Support for ZAU's single-field FNO at ORD.

Ferris Wheel, cruises, cultural events, ice skating, etc. Navy Pier is a staple of Chicago history, being the longest public pier in the world, and among one of the most visited places in the world. Inspired by the vision of Daniel Burnham, the Pier was originally opened in 1916 as Municipal Pier #2 as a place "Built by the City, for the People." As the US entered World War 1, the Pier housed soldiers, Red Cross workers, and home defense workers while serving as barracks for recruits and a jail for draft dodgers. In honor of the Navy personnel who served in World War 1, the pier was renamed "Navy Pier" in 1927. Throughout the years, the Pier has been home to the Navy again, the University of Illinois' first Chicago Campus, and trade shows. In 1960 when McCormick Place took over as the home for trade shows, the vacant Pier was found to be useful for large scale events, but failed to continue in popularity as more and more events and the shipping industry moved away from it. It fell into disuse in 1966 until 1976, during the bicentennial celebration, the City reconsidered breathing life back into this historical building and was designated a Chicago Landmark. Explore more about the history of Navy Pier here: http://www.100yearsofpier.com/ and come join us by flying into Chicago O'Hare International Airport and taking the Blue Line to downtown!

Position Assignments

0 position(s) available
MSP_05_CTR Shane VanHoven
MSP_11_CTR Maius Wong
MSP_18_CTR Shane VanHoven
1 position(s) available
MSP_H_APP Joshua Breid
Local Control
3 position(s) available
MSP_S_GND Tyler Patten
MSP_S_TWR Logan Schmidt

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