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April 15th, 2024
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(1/11) DAL1636 KMSP KDTW Arrived


Gateway to the Skies (ZKC FNO Support)

1800 - 2200 CST

Support for ZKC's FNO at STL. Advertising for TWO CPCs to commit to being available for CTR coverage. Other ZMP/M98/MSP positions are open plug-ins.

Join the Kansas City ARTCC on Febuary 2, 2024, where St. Louis, the famous Gateway to the West, becomes your Gateway to the Skies! Famous for the Gateway Arch and the world famous Anhueser-Busch Brewing company, St. Louis also has a very rich, lesser known aviation history. From Charles Lindbergh's historic transatlantic flight to the innovative aircraft designed by McDonnell Douglas, St. Louis has been a crucible of aviation excellence.

St. Louis Lambert International Airport was once the principal domestic hub of TWA, which was once the 3rd largest airline in the world. Now, STL is the largest airport in Missouri, handling over 160,000 aircraft operations per year.

We hope to see you in the Gateway to the West as we staff from 6PM-10PM CST (2359-0400Z).

Position Assignments

0 position(s) available
MSP_11_CTR Shane VanHoven
0 position(s) available
MSP_H_APP Benjamin Gustafson
MSP_R_DEP Logan Schmidt
Local Control
0 position(s) available
MSP_S_GND Joshua Breid
MSP_S_TWR Jackson Verdoorn

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