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May 22nd, 2024
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(1/4) TIV710 KIGM KLNK Enroute


Bring Your Own Bizjet

1800 - 2200 CDT

The Oracle of Omaha invites you to invest in one of VATUSA's prized annual events -- Bring Your Own Bizjet! From all over the world, the uber wealthy converge on unassuming and (sorta) humble Omaha, Nebraska to shake hands and define the willpower of the titans of the marketplace!

Position Assignments

0 position(s) available
MSP_09_CTR Matthew Spencer
MSP_10_CTR Joshua Breid
MSP_11_CTR Daniel Everman
MSP_18_CTR Ian Kenney-Lillejord
MSP_36_CTR Dhruv Kalra
0 position(s) available
OMA_E_APP Logan Schmidt
OMA_F_APP Kris Pierson
OMA_W_APP Jackson Treloar
Local Control
1 position(s) available
LNK_TWR Timothy Neabling
OMA_GND Karson Miller
OMA_TWR Roman Petrich

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